Where are you from?

Fort Worth, Texas originally. Last lived in Brooklyn, NY.

What do you do?

Freelance consultant, producer, and writer.

That sounds vague because I am kind of a jack of all trades. I was a digital design and branding producer for 5 years, and I help my clients with strategy, websites, PR materials, online courses / educational material, writing, and more.

How are you nomadic?

How? Hmmm… I’ve been traveling full time since June 2014. I haven’t been in one place longer than 5 weeks until the current moment in Medellin, Colombia (it’ll be 8 weeks total).

What’s your favorite part of being a nomad?

I love travel because I’m super curious. I love learning, I love being in new places, I love solving puzzles - deciphering other languages, navigating my way through a city, bumbling through interactions in not my native tongue. I find it thrilling, intimidating, beautiful, heartbreaking, everything. My favorite part of being a nomad is that I have a way to constantly have that experience, every day.

What’s your least favorite part?

If only I could have the perfect pillow and bed every night. I can so tell I’m getting older… Also, of course, the fact that I can’t be in two places at once. It can be hard to miss friends and family, not be there for special events, not get to just snuggle and giggle with someone I love.

Octoberfest, we assume

What’s your craziest story?

In a way, it’s hard for me to even think of any, even though I know I’ve probably been in hundreds of crazy situations…

Honestly, thinking of the scariest story, last summer I was in Ireland and had rented a car to tour around on my own. One day, I was driving around Donegal area and went to try and see Slieve League for sunset. Google Maps navigated me onto this crazy tiny mountain… dirt path…? Barely. I ended up having to BACK the car down rocky scree to a turnaround. My tires were about 6 inches from the side of the mountain, and it was seriously the most frightened and close to death I think I’ve ever been. I didn’t know if I was supposed to just leave the car and go walk to find a local farmer to help me or what, but it was getting dark, so I just told myself to stay calm and go as slow as possible. I just kept hoping that those sheep weren’t about to be the only witnesses to my death. Once I was safely back on a real road driving forward, I went into shock. Then I had to drive 2 hours back to my airbnb. I ate some trail mix and called a friend to keep me calm. But I made it! Thank goodness my dad taught me how to drive on Colorado jeeping trails.

Also, here’s a post I wrote about going to Morocco after I got dumped, getting harassed a bunch, missing my flight (only time in my life, so far - knock on wood), and sobbing in the airport. It all worked out in the end, though.

What’s next for you?

I’m in Medellin for 2 more weeks, then I go to Miami to see my sister. I have a flight to NYC for May, but I hopefully am about to win a new client project that will mean I need to spend a couple weeks in Columbus, Ohio - I am super excited about that project so fingers crossed. Then Antigua for a friend’s wedding (yay, finally not missing one), DC for June, visit my dad in NC for his birthday and the 4th of July, and then probably off to Europe for the summer. Or that’s what I think, anyway. We shall see how work and life are looking - I don’t plan more than 3 months out usually, so that I can try to best accommodate my current reality.

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